Still thinking about something? Here you will find answers to our most frequently asked questions!

Booking space, rental period and cancellation of reservation

How can I see the booking status?

The reservation status can be seen from the reservation calendar of each facility - hover on "Emil" or "Dahlia" on the top menu of the website and "Reservation calendar" from the submenu that opens. We update the calendars manually as reservations are made and confirmed or canceled - so there is a slight delay in updating the calendars.

The day I want is available, how do I make a preliminary reservation?

We prefer preliminary reservations primarily through the contact forms located on the reservation calendar tabs on our website. With these forms, we easily obtain the necessary contact information and information about which venue the reservation concerns. After receiving your contact, we will reach out to you via email and provide a link to the actual reservation form.

The day I want is booked, can I "queue" for that day?

We can take customers on a waitlist and notify them if the desired booking date becomes available. This is especially sensible for preliminary reservations, as preliminary reservations are valid for only 7 days, after which they are canceled if not confirmed. Please note that one of our venues may be available even if the other is booked - if there is flexibility in the number of guests, it's worth checking the reservation status of both venues!

Is there a minimum age limit for booking the venues?

Lykke can only be booked by adults (over 18). The person making the reservation must be of legal age no later than the day of the reservation. The booker is responsible for using the space according to the instructions, even if they are not in the space at the time of the reservation. Any damages or fines are always the responsibility of the booker.

How do I confirm my reservation?

When you contact us via the contact form on the website or by e-mail, we will send you a link to the reservation form. After sending the link, you have seven (7) days to fill out the reservation form before the initial reservation is canceled.

How do I know if my reservation confirmation has been received?

Once you have submitted the form, an automatic summary of your responses will be sent to the email address you provided. This summary indicates that the form has been received. If you do not receive the summary, please check your spam folder. We do not send a separate message confirming that your reservation has been confirmed. Additional information and an invoice will be sent to you at the beginning of the week of the reservation.

For what period can I book the venue?

In the Emil venue located in Tammela, the full-day booking is typically from 10 am to 11 pm. If there is a need to access the venue earlier in the morning, we can arrange that separately. However, we cannot be flexible with the end time in Emil, and guests must vacate the venue by 11 pm. Dahlia, located in Hämeenpuisto, can be rented more flexibly around the clock.

When and how will I receive the venue key?

The venue will be opened for you at the beginning of your reservation, and a customer key will be provided in the venue for your use during the reservation. Therefore, there is no need to pick up the key in advance. At the end of the reservation, the key is left in the space at the agreed place.

Can I come to prepare for the party before the reservation starts? Can cleaning be done after the rental period or the next day?

Party preparation and cleaning must take place during the rental period, and customers can access the venue only when the reservation officially begins. Therefore, please ensure you reserve enough hours for your booking! Unfortunately, we do not offer cleaning the next day; in such cases, a final cleaning must be included in the reservation.

Can I pick up my own things from the space, for example, the next morning?

Picking up your own goods is possible at a separately agreed time when there are no other reservations in the space. This must be announced in advance and the goods must be packed in bags / piled in a clear pile so that they do not mix with the goods in the premises or interfere with the cleaning. The same also applies to, for example, catering service dishes or other goods.

How and when will I be billed for using the space?

The invoice is sent by e-mail at the beginning of the week of the reservation (usually on Monday) and at the same time you will also receive a more detailed information package on the use of the space. The invoice has a payment period of 14 days.

Who is eligible for the student discount?

The student discount is available to the person making the reservation if they have a valid student card on the day of the reservation. The validity of the student card will be checked upon key handover. Please note that the person making the reservation is responsible for payment, proper use of the venue, and any damages, and all communication goes through them. So you can't make a reservation together with a friend so that one has a student card and the other is the booker/contact person.

Can the reservation information be modified?

A confirmed reservation can be modified freely regarding contact details, times, and decoration reservations by contacting us via email.

Can the reservation be canceled or moved?

The customer can cancel the reservation free of charge 14 days before the rental date. In case of cancellation 5-13 days before the rental date, 50% of the rental price will be charged. After this, the full rental price will be charged. The reservation can be changed or moved before the reserved day, but no longer during it. 

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How many people can fit in the space? Is there a maximum number of guests?

Emil has dishes and seats for 24 people, so the space best serves parties of 10-24 people. By staggering the party, you can invite more guests, but if there are more than 24 guests at once, we recommend booking our larger space Dahlia.

Dahlia has seats and dishes for 60 people. In more informal events, the place also serves larger groups, but then you have to be prepared to use some of your own dishes as well.

How many chairs and tables are there in the space? 

Emil has eight four-person tables (six for dining, two for serving) and 24 chairs. In addition, there is a highchair and two armchairs in the space. If you want, you can move the tables next to the walls and take the chairs to storage, if they are not needed at the party.

Dahlia has 18 four-person tables (15 for dining, three for serving), 2 serving tables and 60 chairs. Also in Dahlia, the space can be easily modified and chairs and tables can be hidden during parties if necessary.

Can I come and see the room before booking?

Emil: Open viewings are held in the venue approximately every other week. For more information and detailed times, please refer to the "Emil booking calendar" tab.

Dahlia: Open viewings are held on Thursdays from 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm in the venue. For more details, please check the "Dahlia booking calendar" tab.

Are the facilities accessible?

Emil: Unfortunately, the venue is not accessible. There is one step at the entrance and low thresholds inside. Additionally, the WC in the venue is very small and cannot accommodate a wheelchair or walker.

Dahlia: Unfortunately, the venue is not accessible. There are high thresholds at the entrance and between the main area and the WC facilities. However, access to the venue is possible without stairs through the courtyard, and the WC facilities are larger than those in Emil.

What kind of sound system is available in the facilities?

Both rooms have a good-quality, easy-to-use bluetooth speaker.

Are dogs allowed in the premises?

Pets are warmly welcomed in our venues, but we kindly request prior notification. Emil has a metal water bowl for pets (available upon request for Dahlia as well).

The environment of the venue

What are the parking options near the venue?

Emil: There are plenty of paid street parking spots in front of and near the venue (Zone 2, parking fee on weekdays and Saturdays is 2 euros per hour). Parking is free on Saturday evenings and Sundays.

Dahlia: Guests can park at paid street parking spots (Zone 3, parking fee on weekdays and Saturdays is 1.20 euros per hour). Parking is free on Saturday evenings and Sundays.

Where can smoking be done near the venue?

Emil: Smoking is permitted in Aaltosen Park, which is across the street from Emil. Smoking inside the venue, at the entrance, or in front of it is strictly prohibited, and customers do not have access to the courtyard of the property. It's important to avoid making noise in the vicinity of the venue and to be mindful of the area's residents.

Dahlia: Smoking is allowed in the courtyard of the property.

Decorations and tableware

What tableware is available in the space?

Both spaces come with a basic set of tableware, including two sizes of plates, drinking glasses, champagne flutes, wine glasses, shot glasses, coffee cups, and cutlery (fork, knife, tablespoon, teaspoon). Soup plates are also available upon request. Dahlia's basic tableware serves 52 people, while Emil's serves 24. For children, there are plastic plates, bowls, and cups in pastel colors, serving 18 in Dahlia and 12 in Emil.

Additionally, there are serving dishes such as tiered plates, glass and metal bowls, shallow plates, trays, and cake servers. For water, punch, or other drinks, there are drink dispensers with taps, various sizes of jugs for milk or juice, and thermoses for coffee. If you absolutely need specific serving dishes, please mention this when filling out the booking form or via email, as the selection may vary slightly. The assortment of serving dishes may vary as they are rotated between spaces based on customer needs, and occasionally some may break.

What decorations are available in the space?

Both spaces offer a wide range of decorations, including various types of bunting, artificial flowers, paper balloons and fans, string lights, LED candles and tealights, candle holders, votive cups, vases, glass jars, lanterns, and photo booth props. For holiday parties, there are also plastic Christmas trees and ornaments available. If you have specific decorations in mind for your event, please mention them when filling out the booking form or contact us via email. The decoration selection may vary slightly as decorations are rotated between spaces based on customer needs, and occasionally some may break.

Is there a fee for borrowing dishes and decorations?

No, all dishes and decorations are provided to customers free of charge. Only tablecloths and cloth napkins incur a fee.

Can new decoration or dish acquisitions be suggested for the space?

Absolutely! If you would like decorations for your event that we don't currently have, you can contact us via email or through the contact form. When acquiring decorations, we consider our own needs and the versatility of the decorations.

Do decorations and dishes need to be reserved in advance?

We ask for decoration and dish reservations in advance through our booking form to ensure that all desired decorations are available and in good condition. Paid tablecloths and napkins must always be reserved in advance, but all other decorations and dishes are available for use without a prior reservation.

Can decoration and dish reservations be modified before the event?

Decoration and dish reservations can be modified before the event by informing us via email.

What should I do if decorations or dishes break during the rental period?

The renter is obligated to inform Lykke via email or phone of any damages to the space or its furnishings. Even minor damages (such as broken dishes) should be reported so that we are aware if any replacements need to be made before the next reservation. While most common damages, such as individual dish breakages or minor damage to decorations, do not typically require compensation, we may charge the customer a penalty fee or request compensation for damages if they are significant and either intentionally caused or due to the renter's negligence.


What is included in the paid final cleaning service?

Customers who have opted for the paid final cleaning service do not need to do anything other than turning off the lights and closing the doors at the end of the reservation, as well as ensuring their belongings are removed from the space. The cleaning fee covers the entire cleaning process, including returning decorations to their original places. However, please note that any additional cleaning tasks (such as cleaning up vomit, broken dishes, spilled drinks, etc.) are always the responsibility of the customer.

What do I need to clean if I do not take the paid final cleaning service?

Customers who do not choose the paid final cleaning service are responsible for vacuuming the floors, moving dishes to the kitchen and loading the dishwasher, wiping down tables, chalkboard walls, and other surfaces, as well as collecting trash and disposing of it in the designated bins within the space. Detailed cleaning instructions are available in the space. Cleaning must be completed within the rental period, and failure to do so will result in a penalty fee being charged afterward.