Atmospheric small events in Tammela, Tampere 

At Lykke Emil, you can host atmospheric name parties, children's parties, confirmation parties, birthdays, graduations, memorial services and any other celebrations. The venue is located on the ground floor of a beautiful nearly 100-year-old building, right next to Emil Aaltonen Park. There is about 60 square meters of open space and it is divided into a spacious main room, a kitchen, a small storage room and a toilet. There are seats for a total of 24 people at our six tables, and there are two tables reserved for serving food.

When renting Lykke's facilities, you have access to the venue's tableware and our extensive selection of decorations. You are welcome to bring your own food and drinks either from home or from the catering service of your choosing, allowing you to customize your event to your preferences. In the kitchen, it is easy to prepare and present food, but there is no actual cooking possibility in the space.

You can rent Lykke's spaces either for an hourly or daily price. For all-day reservations, the venue is available from 10 am to 11 pm. We recommend that you include paid final cleaning in your reservation – then you don't have to worry about anything other than taking your own things with you when you leave!

Emil is centrally located in Tammela, Tampere. It is easy to get there by car, bus, tram or train, and it is a walking distance to the services of the center of Tampere. Its central location also allows for continuing celebrations at downtown restaurants or nightclubs.

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