How to throw successful children's party


What if, when organizing the next children's party, you arrived at a ready-made, well-equipped party space and left out the stress caused by cleaning and buying decorations? With Lykke, you can organize memorable and fun children's parties stress-free. In this post, we have collected our best tips for organizing children's parties.

Reserve the right venue

The first thing to do when organizing a party is to choose a suitable location. For children's parties, we especially recommend Lykke Emil in Tammela, which is opposite from the lovely Emil Aaltonen playground. At Lykke Emil, you organize a party for 24 people. If the number of attendees is larger, we recommend our larger venue, Lykke Dahlia, located in Hämeenpuisto.

At Lykke's venues, all reservations include a wide selection of tableware and a lot of different decorations to create a wonderful party. By reserving the venue, you also avoid the cleaning before the party, and when you choose the cleaning service, you can also leave the after party clean-up to us. If you want more ease, you can also choose the decoration service from us, in which case you will arrive in a pre-decorated venue.

Plan fun activities

In a successful children's party, it is good to have a lot of different activities planned in advance, so that the guests have something to do for the entire duration of the party. This is how you guarantee fun and memorable parties. Lykke's venues and selection offer an excellent setting for entertaining children.

Lykke's selection includes a children's tent and a ball pit, which serve as excellent playing spots at parties. The tent can be used free of charge, and the rental of the ball pit is 50 €. Please remember to let us know in advance on the reservation form or by email if you want to rent the tent, the ball pit or other certain decorations, so that we can make sure that they are available for your party.

In both venues of Lykke, you can find tables, chairs and chalkboard walls, which also lend themselves to many activities. The chairs can be used to host a traditional musical chairs game, on the chalkboard you can draw together a big picture according to the theme of the party, to which everyone can add something themselves (remember to take a picture of the final work as a souvenir) or play word and drawing games, such as draw and guess. By combining all the space's furniture, decorations and table cloths that can be reserved separately, the space can be transformed into a big hut-building game where you can build and decorate several different huts.

Other popular activities that can be carried out in our venues include face painting, fishing game, crafts and a decorate your own pastry -table. In all of these activities, you can make use of the theme of the party, for example by painting faces after animals at an animal-themed party or making tiaras and crowns at a princess party. However, when organizing the messiest activities, please remember to protect the venue's furniture.

Provide delicious snacks

At children's parties, as in other parties, delicious food and beverages bring the feeling of a party. Invest in some filling snacks that make sure that the party-goers stay energized, as well as some special delicacy that is not usually served on a daily basis. If you want, you can make the servings yourself, but you can just as well pick up them up ready-made from a store. The easiest way is to order from a catering - you can always order food and beverages from any catering service to Lykke's venues.

The presentation also makes the servings festive. With Lykke's serving dishes, especially the wonderful layer dishes, you can make your servings look lovely and attractive. When celebrating at Lykke, you also don't have to buy new disposable tableware for every party, but we have plastic tableware in pastel colors, especially suitable for children, as well as neutral-colored basic tableware.

So, to recap, a successful Children's Party is built from the right venue, planning on fun activities in advance and delicious food and beverages. Reserve venue for your next children's party from Lykke from 35 €/hour.