New at Lykke - Decorating service


Do you not have decoration inspiration? Do you often admire the decorations of others, but fail to achieve the same? Do you not have enough time or energy to plan and implement decorations? No worries, because Lykke's new decorating service has been released to meet exactly these challenges! 

The decoration service means, that we decorate the venue you have booked according to your wishes, to be ready for the start of your reservation. The decorating service can be booked for any Lykke reservation, as long as it is done at least two weeks before the actual event's day. 

The decorating service includes a 30-45 minute planning meeting held before the reservation, which can be carried out according to your wishes in the reserved venue or remotely. In the planning meeting, we consider, for example, the theme of your party, the color scheme, decoration wishes and table setting. 

On the day of your reservation, we will decorate the space according to what was discussed in the planning meeting. When the reservation starts, you arrive in the already decorated space. For the decoration, we use Lykke's decorations and tableware selection. If you wish, we can also add your own decorations. Please note, however, that if you wish to use disposable decorations, such as balloons or flowers, we will charge the purchase price of these and a 10 € additional price, in addition to the price of the decoration service. 

The price of the decoration service at Lykke Emil is 75 €  and at Lykke Dahlia 125 €. 

This is how our customer comments on the decorating service (translated from Finnish): 

"Our party succeeded beyond expectations, the decoration was beautiful and very functional, the guests also admired it and praised the arrangements. The decoration and cleaning services were definitely at the heart of a successful experience, because we were able to enjoy our own party without too much stress!" 

Would the decorating service be suitable to facilitate the organization of your party? Contact us by email ( for an existing reservation or leave a contact request for a new reservation below.

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